mosquito nets

Chain Operated Mosquito Screens

Chain Operated Roller Mosquito screen. As simple as operating blinds without any hassle of spring action and retracting force while operating These roller insect screening systems are designed to handle with elders and kids with effortlessly rolled up and down ideally suited for windows and installed in recess mounting or surface mounting of your existing frames with quality fiberglass mosquito screens to last long and easy to clean the netting. 

You can stop the screening at your desired position the best solutions for their window screening needs Our retractable fly screen is conveniently stored in a Housing that prevents the mosquito nets from being damaged when not in use.

NETS can be replaced many times without the need of new framework


  • Aluminum extruded from first melting, 6063 alloy.
  • Powder Coatings: Pure polyester White, Brown & Golden Brown
  • Plastics components: nylon 6
  • Weather stripping: 100% Polypropylene
  • Springs: Spring steel and covered with tension-stabilizing, Non-Corrosive, & quieting tube
  • Euro screen Fiberglass screens 18×16 manufactured
  • Screen Color: Gray & Charcoal Black
  • Aluminum profiles SS039 SERIES
  • Housing profile window 42 mm X 54mm.
  • Roller Tube Profile 24.0 mm
  • Roller Tube Profile 24.0 mm
  • Bottom track profile 45.0 mm X 10 mm
  • Side track profile 40 mm X 22 mm
  • Dimensions L Profile 19.0 mm X 12.0mm

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