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Retractable Window Screens

Roller Window Screens are a simple and effective insect screens that roll into an attractive, sleek housing when not in use. Pulling the window screens into position when desired and retracted into the housing for safe storage makes it the most versatile system available.


 Window Screen Material can be installed on any type of existing frame.

It can be fixed inside or on the surface of surrounding frame – recessed mounting or front fix.

100%Polypropylene Dual weather stripping to seal the screen fabric inside the aluminum side tracks and top profile.

Auto Cleaning System: Brush cleans out the dust while operating the screen (Rolls up & down).


Anti-wind Pile Weather Stripping: Roller window nets are perfect for large sized windows and for windy places, to lock net into the guides.

Speed reducer: When the screen is released, the brake allows the screen to retract smoothly back into the housing without abang.


 Fiberglass insect screen fixed to an aluminum tube and another end to a bottom sliding profile to pull the screen out of the housing. A spring mechanism normally tensions the screen for releasing it.  Rewind back onto the roller net tube and is ready for use again.

NETS can be replaced many times without the need of new framework


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