mosquito nets

Beware, your Viral Fever May Relapse

Times of India Sep 6, 2016 : Mosquito-borne infections are continuing to pose. 

Along with dengue-like and chikungunya-like viral fever making the rounds, cases of viral fever relapse are also being seen. In viral fever relapse, patients who were earlier diagnosed with dengue are coming down with dengue-like or chikungunya-like atypical fever within 15 days or a month. In some cases, patients who had such atypical fever earlier are now testing positive for dengue or chikungunya.

“The cases of relapse in viral fever are on the rise since the beginning of this month. Patients settling down with the earlier fever episode are again coming down with high grade fever and joint pains. A lot of them complain of swelling and painful ankles in the second episode. Of the 100 fever patients I see every day, almost 20 are those who are battling the second episode,” said senior family physician Hillary Rodrigues, former president of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

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