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Real Wood Window Blinds

Real Wood Venetian blinds is designed to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home or your office. Wooden Venetian blinds are most popular blinds because they blend perfectly with any design and style, be it traditional, casual or contemporary. Wooden blinds add warmth and beauty to any room, and they are built to last and offer a clean and classic look.

Wood Venetian blinds are versatile and easy to use and control the amount of natural sunlight, privacy, and ventilation. They are made of fine quality basswood.

The wooden Venetian blinds  with tapes and slats are available in 35mm, 50mm. Every slat goes through 6 layers of NC coating with an additional coat of UV treatment for a long lasting color fastness& anti-fungal properties. Even the wood Venetian blinds are available in six shades with matching woven tapes and cords.

Wood Venetian blinds are never out of fashion.

Available with motorized remote operation

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