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651 mosquito breeding places identified in dengue survey

Times of India Sep 21, 2016: Visakhapatnam:  The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has identified dengue-causing mosquito Aedes Aegypti in 651 breeding places of 12,625 houses surveyed in the last two days. The survey began on Monday and a total of 372 fever cases were reported in the two-day survey. This is the second such move of… Continue reading 651 mosquito breeding places identified in dengue survey

mosquito nets

ZIP Roller Mosquito Screens Hyderabad

Zipper Roller Mosquito Screens are a simple and effective insect screens that roll into an attractive, sleek housing when not in use. Zip Roller insect screening system is designed to meet the highest standard to hold the screens into the sidetrack profiles and making it possible to seal against mosquitoes and insects with unique mesh retention system… Continue reading ZIP Roller Mosquito Screens Hyderabad

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Sleek Screen Windows manufacturers Hyderabad

Slimline Aluminum sleek mosquito frames fits on the surface of the existing window frame can be hinged or held in place by turn buttons with mid bar, which are screwed to the window frame and rotate into position across the face of the screen frame. Each frame requires two hinges to fix Hinge assembly consists of two parts, held together… Continue reading Sleek Screen Windows manufacturers Hyderabad

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Aluminium Mosquito Mesh Windows and Doors

Spectra with years of experience in producing mosquito screens manufacturers the vast range of Insect screening solutions to choose the product that best suits. There are several net types available for all models and a vast Option to select from such as Fiberglass Mosquito Mesh, Aluminum nets, Stainless steel 304 grade Black color Nets, Pet… Continue reading Aluminium Mosquito Mesh Windows and Doors


Mosquito Screens Hyderabad

We have three series of  Mosquito Net Doors depending on the costumer’s requirements. Our mosquito net doors are both robust and aesthetically pleasing. They offer durable, effective protection against insects and flies. The Mosquito Net doors frames have metered corners with a strong kick plate to prevent damage while using with  support central mid-bars in the… Continue reading Mosquito Screens Hyderabad